Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Quilt WiP: "Aunt Lottie's Garden" - EPP set 9

Next to the last set of English Paper Pieced hexagon flowers.  Looking at the finished block, I almost wish I had fussy cut those outer hexagons.   But none of the other sets, even the vintage ones, are fussy cut, so just one block out of thirty plus would probably have looked strange.

With the large white flowers in this fabric, I didn't want too much white on the outer edge of the applique because the background fabric is a soft white.   I was afraid that there would be no visual 'edge' if white touched white too much.   So I was trying to turn each hexi to put 'leaf' or 'background' on the outer edge as much as possible.

I had to 'unstitch' two of the hexis because I wasn't paying attention to the orientation.  And let me tell you, I had sewn these sets SNUG!   I'm doing about 28 whip stitches to the inch or so.  That is probably unnecessarily close, but seems to be where my EPP falls naturally.   They don't come apart easily.

But despite the delay of having to 'frog', this project is coming along well.  I'll cut the last set of fabrics tomorrow after work.   I'm on track to have all the EPP done by the end of the month.

On the other WiPs - got the gusset done on the second sock.  I'd forgotten how much slower this pattern is than my usual sock patterns.   I'm using four yarns in a spiral fashion, which means changing yarns every time you change needles.  All the extra yarn management really bogs the knitting down.

ready for feet!
And I'm well into the third side of the box construction on the "Skating Santa".   There's cording after this, but the cording was made at camp and is all ready to go on once I get the rest of the construction on the form done.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Quilt WiP: "It was the 80s" - Block 3

Block #3 of Pat's design is another classic block - a half log cabin.   This design starts in the corner and builds diagonally instead of starting in the center and building out in concentric layers as a full log cabin does.  This is another 12 inch (finished) block.

I actually have four existing log cabin blocks from the corners of the old quilt.   And it would be easy to just take one apart, but I want to use the four of them as the focal point of the backing for the new quilt.   So I'm starting over with a fresh block for this week.

Traditionally, the starting block of log cabins is either red or yellow, to stand for the hearth/heart of the house.  So I'm going to use the new soft rose fabric for the center.   Then there are two light 'logs' and two dark 'logs'.   I think the darker shirting and new background for the lights with the new blue and one of the old blues - the star fabric from the recycled sashing again.

auditioning fabric for the block
All cut out.   You'll notice that the blues are switched from the 'audition' photo above.   The sashing remnants are only 11-12 inches long, and I needed 12.5 for the outermost strip, so I needed to do the outside pair of pieces from the new yardage.

And all put together.  Once I realized that I had cut my center square 4.25 instead of 4.5 and recut it, the block went a LOT better.  Even experienced quilters can mess up.

Solstice Block #3
By the way, the block is really quite square.   I am no photographer!

The Solstice Quilt on Pat Sloan's blog with the blocks and layout.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Quilt WiP: "Aunt Lottie's Garden" - EPP Set 8

I had some time last night to finish up the eighth set of the Grandmother's Flower Garden hexagons.   This set is the first of the ones made from the 'deco state flowers' line of fabrics.   Very high quality cotton and colors are just right.

I've already got number 9 cut and the center prepped.  I am hoping to be able to get all of the EPP for the blocks finished by the end of the month.  As fast as this one went together, I think I can do that.

As far as the other Works in Progress - The socks are getting toward the end of the gusset on sock #1.  And I'm plugging away at getting the finishing done on the Santa piece; it's been the 'bottom of the heap' project for a while and I need to get back to it.   And I haven't touched my spinning wheel in months.

Six projects turns out to be one or two too many.   I generally work on two or three things a day.  One that I have with me at work (the EPP hexis right now) that I work on at lunch and breaks.  Then one or two in the evenings after work.   Last night that was knitting and the sampler UFO quilt.   I'm hoping that by having a weekly goal on the sampler, that I can tell myself, "that's done for the week, move on to something else until next week."   I have too many quilts in progress right now and need to make progress on all of them. 

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Quilt WiP: ""On Ringo Lake" - check in #1 after the reveal

"On Ringo Lake" mystery quilt is now over on the designer's blog (link to Bonnie's Blog home page, because the pattern will be coming down shortly).   But in my world, I am just barely under way on it.   Even doing just half the units (for a throw sized quilt), I fell so far behind.  I'm going to continue to check in every now and then just to track my progress.

Status as of Sunday night 1/7/2018 :

Unit 1 (Clue #1) - 9 Patch Units -  DONE
Unit 2 (Clue #2, 5 and 7) - Paired Flying Geese Units
   Coral Geese - half of the final number completed
   Brown Geese - a quarter of the final number completed
   Unit 2 completed - a quarter of the final number completed
Unit 3 (Clue #4 and 6) - Shaded 4 Patch Units
   Pieced half unit - half of the final number completed
   Unit 3 completed - just 10
Blocks (Clue #8) - none completed

Unit 4 (Clue #3 and 9) - Sashing
   Pieced Diamond in Rectangle - 10 left, 10 right, so barely started
   Sashing assembled with cornerstones - none completed
Setting Triangles (Clue #4 and 9) - none completed
     Pieced half units from Clue #4 for setting triangles - half of the final number completed 
Quilt Assembly - unstarted

As you can see "a few" and "none" are the most common status with a few at 'quarter' or 'half' - sigh.

Goal for the next week or so:   Finish Unit 2 to the half way point.  

Remember that "calm" is the word of the year and don't get stressed by seeing FINISHED (as in quilted and bound!!!!) full sized quilts coming across the Quiltville feed.   Some people don't have a full time job with a one hour commute one way to work.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Quilt WiP: "It was the 80s" - Block #2

Block 2 is named "Night into Day"   This is one of the 12 inch (finished) blocks.   This block is on a 16 patch grid, so my finished units are 3 inches square.

This block consists of 8 dark and light half square triangle units, and two each light and dark squares plus a center made of two rectangles.  I'm going to see if I can squeeze 3.5 inch cut half square triangles out of some of the corner cuts from the old mitered sashing.
A stack of corner miters from old sashing strips
Pat suggests using a similar but not the same fabric for the center rectangles.   That will give me a good opportunity to add in one of my 'new' blues in a logical manner and also to showcase the ticking stripe.   The same new neutral tone on tone muslin that I used in Block #1 will make a nice calm outer edge.

All cut out and ready to assemble

And finished block, though I think the actual quilt top schematic has it turned 90 degrees - with the center block divided vertically instead of horizontally.   I would have to consult the layout diagram for all the blocks.  We are a long way from that point!

Solstice Block #2
The Solstice Quilt on Pat Sloan's blog with the blocks and layout.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Quilt WiP: "Aunt Lottie's Garden - EPP Set 7

This last weekend, I managed to finish off the seventh of the ten Grandmother's Flower Garden sets that I need for "Aunt Lottie's Garden".   This fabric has been in my stash for quite a while.   It's the last of the 1930s reproduction prints in pinks that I had available and I really wondered about using it because it's directional.

But I think by pointing all the stems inward, it doesn't look too bad.

I swung by the local quilt shop on New Years weekend and picked up the last three fabrics that I need for the GFG sets.   I chose three of the 'deco state flower' fabrics.   I don't care about the states, I just need pink!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Quilt WiP: "On Ringo Lake" - Clue 9 and the Reveal

And the big reveal for "On Ringo Lake" has happened.   There's sashing and a chunky border of aqua, and like I suspected, the setting is 'on point'.   The interesting thing is that the border includes the leftover Clue #4 units and the sashing is the Clue #3 chevron units, but they are joined end to end!  All the piecing in the sashing gives the illusion of a secondary block.  

I really like this quilt, and I'm not sorry I participated, but I am SO behind on it.   So another potential UFO has joined the pile.   I promised myself that I wouldn't do that, but got swept up in the excitement.   I am a slow quilter.   I just have to admit that I don't have the time, space or money to churn out quilts the way some folks do.   I will try to keep chipping away at this so that it doesn't devolve into a UFO.

I think that next year I will follow the plan that I had for this year, which is to collect the clues and follow all the excitement, but not start until a slot for a 'new' quilt comes up.