Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The obligatory welcome post.

My old blog, Threads and Needles Sticks and Strings, has been dormant for almost a decade other than a 'hey my life blew up, sorry about that' post.  AND the photo hosting site that I used went defunct and lost all the pictures.   So starting over again with a new blog here.

Hi, I'm Karla.

I work as a managerial accountant for a major midwest utility company headquartered in Tulsa OK.  Our division office is in Overland Park, KS and I work there three days a week most weeks.   On the other two days, I work from a local office and avoid the hour plus commute!   I'm still a few years out from retirement, but it's on the horizon.

I have one son, a daughter in law and two wonderful grandchildren.   I was widowed in my late 40s; my late husband, Walt, was a law enforcement officer.  He died of a massive stroke/embolism when our son was just starting his senior year of high school.   JC went into the US Marine Corps right after high school graduation, so in the space of 9 months, I went from a wife and mother to a single woman living alone for the first time in 25 years.  Talk about a culture shock!

My hobbies revolve around all kinds of fiber and cloth.  I knit, spin, weave, crochet, tat, quilt, do counted thread needlework of all types, twilling, cutwork and other traditional surface embroidery.  I've done some costume design in the past.  I play handbells.   I read - a lot.

I also love vintage sewing machines and tools.  My most "modern" sewing machine is from the mid 1960s!   There's an honest solidity to the old cast metal machines that I love.  New machines may have tons of fancy stitches and built in walking feet and cut your thread for you, but I doubt they will still be functioning perfectly in 100 years like a Singer Model 15 or 99 treadle can.

My knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving are all documented on Ravelry from 2006 on (and a very few older projects that I've put up for one reason or another).  If you do anything at all with those crafts, you should totally join the site.  It's very well run and the databases and forums are all fantastic.    I'll talk a bit about my knitting here, but mostly it's going to be about the projects in the crafts that Ravelry doesn't host - the embroidery of various types, the sewing, and the quilting.  And books, and bells/church, with a bit about my faith and family. (And shooting and archery and walking - you have to put down the needles at SOME point.)

Welcome to my world.