Sunday, January 16, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching - January 16, 2022

Very short update today.  I'm bushed!  Busy week at work finishing up the year end close, plus see below.

There were a lot of small birds this week.   Finished the ones on the left side of Dutch Beauty.

And started the ones on the right.   Not shown, the remainder of the 'bottom edge of the nest' area that spanned the entire page in between!

I started putting the "Patchwork of the Crosses" Table-topper together; just barely started, but I'm already liking how it looks.

And this weekend, there was this and that going on, so very little crafting occurred yesterday LOL.

Linking up with SSS and then taking a nap!

Edit to add:  the gymnast on the uneven bars is my granddaughter, Alexis.   She took first on bars and vault and second all round in her age and skill level.   The young biker is my grandson, Carl.  He qualified in both heats, but didn't place in the actual race - this is his third competition and he's still learning. Their competition venues were just a block apart, which made it possible for me to support both of them this weekend. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Layout for Lucy's "PotC"

 I originally titled this post "Laying out Lucy", but 'laying out' is something one does to a corpse prior to the coffin and funeral.   And there's a lot of life in this old gal yet!

I think this will be the final order of the blocks.   The colors are pretty well distributed, I think.   If anyone has opinions, please weigh in!   I certainly didn't plan four blocks with reds, two that were just two color, and three with golds, but it did work out nicely just by chance!  And I put the three with the best fussy cutting across the center.

Even once the blocks are together, there's a bunch of work left to get to a finished top.  I'll have to decide what to do about all the edges for one thing!   Paper pieces does make some fill in shapes for honeycomb blocks. I need to investigate.

As far as the strategy for putting it together.  I think the most logical way is five rows - three of the main blocks with two connecting blocks in each row and two rows with alternate blocks and three connectors.  

I'm still working from home (our back to the office date was moved back due to the surge in the new COVID variant), so this can be my lunch hour project even though it's outgrown true 'travel project' status. 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching - January 8, 2022

 Not a lot to report this week.   I flew through my WIPGO (both slots were the same project) for January which was Hinezeit "Bees" (finished post here).  It's very rare that a project doesn't get a Sunday progress report at all, but this one was only five hours of stitching basically Monday to Thursday!

Since the WIPGO is also the "Modern" slot in my rotation, I'm already on Slot #2 "Historic", so Dutch Beauty is out to play.

I'm working along the sides of the big center bottom motif of the swan and cygnets in the nest.   There's about a quarter of a page of fill in with small motifs on both sides, so little birds are the name of the game for the next bit. 

yes, the crown is a bit offset in the pattern.  counted it SEVERAL times

Going to finish off the crown and tackle the other dove after I check out the SSS crew (link to current roundup)

Got about 9 inches in on the Sock Yarn Blanket while doing some reading for an upcoming online class at work.  I am planning on keeping up my professional credentials even after I retire just in case I want or need a part time job.  There's always a need for accountants.

No quilting to report for Slow Stitching this week.  I did spend some time with stash organizing.   All of my fabric is in labeled bins except for about a four inch stack that was not with the rest of the stash - Halloween fabrics.  I need to get that all put away next time I go downstairs.  Since laundry is on the list for today, that will happen very soon!

I need to cast on a hat at some point this week since the EPP project has now outgrown being a travel project!   The grandkids have some competition stuff coming up soon that they want me to come to and I'm not sitting on bleachers waiting for their turns without something to work on!  I well remember when their dad was doing Scouts, Junior ROTC and sports.   Two hours of driving, three hours of waiting, ten minutes of their actual participation.......  Fun times, though, and I'm so happy they want me to come.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

FINISHED NEEDLEWORK: "Mini Block Bees" by Hinzeit


it really is square with the world, promise

Pattern: "Bees" mini block

Designer: Hinzeit

Fabric:  28 count linen in Colorway "Lambswool"

Threads:  Gentle Arts Sampler "Brandy" and DMC - subbed black-brown 3371 for black 310

Stitches: Cross (two over two), outline (letters in DMC 3828)

WIPGO 2022 - January  #2 / #19

Rotation Changeover - 2022 Rotation #1, Slot 1 (modern) complete

 The "Bees" mini block by Hinezeit went really fast.   Just 5 hours and all the stitching is done.   Just have to attach the charms and this is a finish!

I did make a couple of changes.   I found the DMC 310 black to look very harsh, so I subbed in a brown black.   I also had a very light skein of GAST "Brandy", so I back stitched the letters with the DMC equivalent listed on the pattern card.

I think I'm going to try my hand at framing and do this in a very simple espresso colored frame.   I'd like to do a collection of "bee" themed pieces.  I did one for my mom (who went by her middle name Beatrice, nickname Bea / Bee), and have a couple of projects on my 'wish list' and 'to be kitted list' that have bees on them.   

That's all for long term plans, though.  Next up on the immediate plan is Dutch Beauty.   I want to get the small set of bird motifs down in the corners of the center bottom area done - starting on the left.   There are five little birds on each side - a pair of love birds with a crowned heart between them, a pair of ducks and a stork/crane.  Here's where I am starting on this piece.

Monday, January 3, 2022

#BBDweekendSAL for January 2022

 I put in five hours on my Blackbird Designs project (Autumn Silhouette - Loose Feathers #10) during the New Year's holiday weekend.   Our office was closed on New Years Eve - Yeah for a three day weekend!   Good Progress; I am so tempted to  keep working to a finish on this one, but we have #24HoursOfCrossStitch coming up later in January.   I should have a finish on this during that weekend if everything goes right. 

grey tone from my camera.  WHY?  looks cool, though, so I am leaving it

where I started this weekend - also not the right color on the fabric, it's really a pale rust

Just the rest of the alphabet (two over two) and initials / date (one over one) and the Smyrna Crosses that are scattered about left to go. 

The original pattern has the initials and year over 2, but I really liked the more delicate look of the over one personalization on Moon Garden.   I'll add a couple of extra Smyrna Cross to fill in the resulting empty space. 

The plan is still to finish it as a project bag. (I don't have the fabric yet.  Shoot, I'll have to go to the quilt store.  That's such a chore LOL)

After some consideration, I decided not to do matching smalls.  I have at least six smalls projects kitted up in the stash and most of them are sets of some type.  Plus several of the remaining Loose Feathers kits are also smalls of one description or the other.   I will keep the extra fabric with a note on it, so if I change my mind, it will be easy to pull from the stash.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching - January 2, 2022

NEW Year - 2022 came in with snow late New Year's Eve night / very very early New Year's Day here in Kansas and the lows were a couple of degrees below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. (-20 Celsius).   BRRRR, but luckily it was after most of the revelers were already home!  After almost 60 F (15 C) on New Year's Eve mid afternoon, it was a shock to the system LOL.  But temperature swings like this are pretty typical of my area of the Great Plains.  So today I'm staying inside, enjoying leftover eggnog and just being in a crafting cocoon with my ongoing projects.

Like #BBDweekendSAL this weekend.   I'm working away on "Autumn Silhouette".  I made some great progress Friday and yesterday due to staying up late.  My neighbors always set off fireworks at midnight. so it's not worth going to bed before all that is done.   With Walt having been a law enforcement officer, we never were able to really celebrate New Year's Eve.  Every LEO in the country is on duty over the New Year's holiday! And after he passed away, I never got back into the habit of doing anything more than staying up late and maybe watching some of the TV celebrations.

Ready to work over on the upper left later today after checking out the rest of the SSS crew (the weekly Slow Sunday Stitching link party).

Linen color is not right - it's actually more rust toned

Earlier this week, I finished the last of the connecting blocks for the center of "Patchwork of the Crosses" this week.   I'll need to figure out the layout before I can start connecting everything up.  But at least I met my goal for 2021 on this project - ALL of the center blocks are done!

7 - 12 of the connecting blocks

Speaking of goals, I didn't quite get a blackout on my 2021 WIPGP board.  The last project for December didn't get finished.   I got the little bit of stitching done on the "KCHSG Smalls - Tape Measure Case", but not the finishing.   In fact, I've barely started to baste the strip that goes around the outside, which also needs to get a ribbon felled down to it (on the left side below).  So I'm going to put this project on the 2022 WIPGO board in the center space.   If I get it finished before then (which I hope I can do during the January finish and frame weekend), #13 will go back to being a "free" space.

cute itty bitty queen stitch flowers