Sunday, December 9, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching - December 9, 2018

Work is end of the year busy.  My boss is out on maternity leave - she had the baby last Tuesday and he's a cute little man.  But that means I've got extra responsibilities and it doesn't help that I have an annual filing this week AND internal audit dumped four data requests on me on Friday afternoon that are due on Tuesday!   So no lunchtime knitting or applique for me this week and I'm driving the carpool, so no commuter crafting either.  Some weeks are just like that. 

But last week, I did get Millennium to a stopping point
And I got started on a little Christmas gnome.   He's from a limited edition kit from Silver Needle.  Not a camp kit this time, but one of the monthly projects from the store for their "Secret Needle Night". 
Knitting time is going into Ri's afghan, and it's slowly approaching the center.  At this point, it feels like there's no progress because the rows are so long.   But I know that soon I will make the 'turn' in the middle and the rows start decreasing.

No quilting to speak of this week.  The guild potluck and Christmas party is this Tuesday.  I need to figure out what I'm taking.  It has to be something I can make two of because there's also a potluck at work that day!

Holiday crazy has officially taken over......

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Needlework Rotation: Millennium and a Christmas Gnome

I worked a bit over ten hours on Teresa Wentzler's "Millennium" and got the angels both completed except for the backstitching on the lower half.   I would like to do that next, but really need to get at least a few stitches worth of the landscape area completed up against each inner edge.   On St. Michael, it's easy.  If I do the area between the robes and the sword edge, I can complete all the back stitching except the very bottom of the under robes (though I'll probably leave all the under robes on both sides to do with the arch base just to make it easier to keep track of where I am).   On St. Raphael, it will be a little more difficult.  I'll have to just work along the edge on that side a "needle's worth" of stitches.  Next time.
At the end of this rotation
And for comparison, here's where I started:

And now I'm back to the 'modern' sampler slot in the rotation.   I thought I would start another one of the Victoria Sampler pieces, but then this bit of Christmas frivolity caught my attention.  Being on a large count over two with perle cotton and only a half dozen colors, it's just what I need while I'm crazy busy with the holiday season.

I picked him up from the sale table at the Silver Needle camp a couple of years ago.   He was a 'secret needle night' kit, not a camp project.   One of my co-workers made me a big stand up gnome last year for our holiday gift exchange, and he needs a friend......

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching - December 2, 2018

Not as much stitching as some weeks this week.  Big project due at work on property taxes and now I'm behind on the end of month items, so into work this afternoon (luckily at the local office) to try to get caught up. 

But I did get a couple of things accomplished. 

Millennium is at the 9 hour mark.   I will probably work over my usual 10 hours on it in order to get the lower wing and column base on the left side done.   That will be a nice clean stopping spot.
I also got some finishing finished on the last of the Silver Needle camp projects.   Project 3 and 4 are a set of 'smalls' - a fob and tray.   Got the fob done.
And I've started the crazy Christmas knitting.  I always seem to get to this point in the year and start a bunch of gifts.   They don't always get done - I have been know to package a gift up still "on the needles" and then take it back and finish it in early January.   My thought is that if it's done by Epiphany on Jan 6, I'm still good by some traditions LOL.
Making Barbie clothes for Alexis:
And an afghan for Marita (Angie's mom).   I made a similar one for Angie last year and Marita asked if I would make her one.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching - November 25, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US and happy weekend to everybody!

Worked on the new house quite a bit this weekend getting ready for the new flooring to go into the main floor bathroom  - hopefully this week.  Still have to replace the light fixture and medicine cabinet in there, but that can wait for a bit.  My son and I took out the sink and toilet and put new shut off valves on all the lines.   The toilet is fairly new and will be reset once the floors are in, but the sink is old and will be replaced.   I'm thinking a pedestal sink if I can find one I like.   Inch by inch, it's getting there.   Packing proceeds slowly.  I'm trying to do a box every night.   Since there's no 'date' for the actual move yet, it's easy to procrastinate LOL. 

I got my little hat done with the leftovers from the salvaged cowl.  It matches well enough.  This is the simple Leftover Sock Yarn Hat that I've done about ten of now.   Perfect commuter knitting as it is solid 3 x 1 ribbing for several inches and then about 15 rounds of decreases.  Easy peasy.

Millennium is at 7 hours.  I am almost done with the right angel.  St. Raphael just needs one more feather edge on the outer wing and a tiny bit of column colors at the outer base of the pillar.   Then it's on to the other side for more lower wing.  

There is snow forecasted and it's really windy here in Kansas, the gusts are howling around the house.  A good day to stay home and stitch!   I have a single block due for the outgoing president's gift that is due at my quilter's guild on Tuesday, so I need to make that a priority today.  But that won't take too long before I'm back to my handwork.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching - Nov 18, 2018

Decent progress this week. 

First, I finished the second (of four) Silver Needle Camp projects.  This is Hocus Pocus (details here)
Second, I got to round 9 on the last repeat (22 rows) on my Rosemarkie Waistcoat (introduced here).  This last repeat will nibble away the remaining excess center front stitches, and the last seven rounds will shape the back of the neck and the top of the shoulders.   Those last few rows are NOT FUN, since I'll have to do purl back stranded rows.   New skill to learn!

Third, Millennium is to the five hour mark for this rotation.   Finished off the under-robe on St. Raphael on the right side, and started in on the lower wing on that side.   Still have the rest of that wing (two more colors) and a bit of  the column base that shows in the end curve of the wing.  Then back to St. Michael and the same area on the left.

Last but not least, I cast on a quick LOSY (Left Over Sock Yarn) hat to go with the cowl I refashioned last week.   I'm using the rest of the hand dyed sock yarn from the damaged end of the scarf and a very pale pink fingering weight acrylic.  About at the half way point.   This is such an easy hat - it's basically 6 inches of simple ribbing and about 15 rounds of decreases in pattern.   This is the current 'travel/commuter' project.   I'll be back to the applique quilt blocks once this is done.
So far, I am valiantly resisting getting sucked into the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt this year.   I still haven't got last year's to the block stage!   Linking up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching Crew; there's always beautiful things there to look at and admire.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

FINISHED NEEDLEWORK: Hocus Pocus Oversized Ornament

For the finishing on this piece, I basically used the tutorial from Twisted Stitcher EXCEPT, instead of folding in the excess and gluing it down on the back, I ran a basting stitch around the fabric and gathered it to the back of the chipboard form.

I find that gathering instead of folding works much better for round and oval ornaments to give an even distribution of fabric.   Then I taped the edges (just in case) before putting the two pieces together.

I also whip stitch my cording or other edging in place instead of gluing.   I think it gives a nicer finish.  

Chart is "Hocus Pocus" by Heart in Hand
Fabric is 18 count rustic linen (over two)
Threads:  Silver Needle kit (included DMC perle, Gentle Arts Sampler Threads perle, Firewerks ribbons)