Sunday, May 9, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching - May 9, 2021

Missed posting in the Slow Sunday Stitching link up last week.  There's not been a lot of crafting the last couple of weeks.   Work has been busy, and what free time I have had is being spent in the garden.

I did get the last of the main Lucy Boston "Patchwork of the Crosses" blocks finished.

And I have a confession.  I succumbed to the Blackbird SAL temptation last weekend.  But at least I did so modestly.  This is "First Offering", a free chart.  It's 72 x 126, so not very big.  I'm doing it on 40 count linen, one strand over two threads in NPI silk thread.   Since I'll only work on it one day a month (first Saturday), I'll ignore it for rotation purposes.  

The only other thing I accomplished is to get to the next corner (Round 8, Corner #3) on the sock yarn blanket.  I'll work on that today after church.  I have to knit today in honor of my mom, who taught me to knit before I was in Kindergarten.  Miss you, mom.

(My sister on the left, me in the middle and our mom c 2006.  Mom's hair was red before she went platinum grey.  I take after my dad with the straight dark hair, though mine was a dark auburn until I was in my forties.)

Linking up with the SSS crew (link to current roundup).


  1. I think that's a lovely way to honor your mom! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Lovely projects, and great picture of your sister and mom and you! Hope you have a great week!

  3. thankful for all the great moms that we all had!

  4. Love your projects. I like the fabrics in the patchwork of crosses block. I think it is great that your mom taught you to knit at such a young age. Enjoy your week!

  5. My sweet mum taught me to knit, too. A beautiful photo of you and your sister with your mum. Dark auburn...such a pretty hair colour. Your Patches of the Crosses block is lovely. Enjoy your day knitting and thinking upon all those beautiful memories that swirl around you and your mum.

  6. I like that sentiment, knitting in honour of your Mother. Such a lovely family photo you shared with us.


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