Tuesday, February 27, 2024

WIPGO Calls for March 2024

 WIPGO called slot 1 and 10 this month.

#1 was supposed to be a framing project, but I don't feel up to doing that quite yet (especially since I need to shoehorn in the finishing on the BBD "Two Hearts" Needlebook), so I swapped slot 1 and 2 and so I'll be doing two of the Victoria Sampler ornaments turned quilt blocks.

Each of the blocks will get a lining fabric, a backing fabric, borders of a Christmas theme jelly roll and assembled "quilt as you go" style.    I'll wait to trim them until they are all done.

First step is to match up each block with a border strip and figure out a layout.   Well, I know it's going to be a Three by Three layout for the nine blocks and the four 'carol' blocks will be in the corners.   But this is going to take a little thought.

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